The Freedom Leaf enterprise has become a leader in media production and distribution for the cannabis/hemp industry. By producing a monthly magazine and constantly publishing news for the industry through its online properties Freedom Leaf has become a magnet for cannabis industry professionals. The content Freedom Leaf produces and curates mainly attracts industries professionals like lawyers, legislators, activist, entrepreneurs and people that are active in the business of cannabis and industrial hemp. With the unique position Freedom Leaf has created it has become a hub for deal flow, current events and opportunities. The credibility, relationships and media distribution that have been created has uniquely situated Freedom Leaf to capitalize on the hyper growing cannabis/hemp industry. Freedom Leaf will leverage its timing and positioning within the industry through several monetization strategies including; producing consumable products, providing education, consulting services, joint ventures, providing marketing agency services, selling of advertising, being an incubator for startup businesses and helping entrepreneurs as a business accelerator. Our Founders & C-Level executives have over 200 years combined experience in the marijuana legalization movement.